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Istanbul is officially an opera town. Fleming proved it, as did Elina Garanca the week before. And the three-week long 2nd Istanbul International Opera Festival proved it.

Today’s Zaman: A Summer of Opera Singers


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Sandwiched in the middle of the schedule of eight performances from the Istanbul State Opera System, including two imports from Germany (Munich and Karlsruhe), was a solo concert by mezzo Elina Garanca. It was every bit as much an indication of the level of avid consumership of opera in Istanbul as much as a gleaming jewel of a program by an extraordinary diva.

Opera Festival’s Sparkling Centerpiece

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“White Nights” in Shining Harmony

The Moscow Tchaikowsky Symphony Orchestra blew the roof off the festival tent, with a little help from Borodin.


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This was the 39th year of the IKSV (Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Art) Istanbul Music Festival. Next year the 40th anniversary (some details of which I’m privy to) promises to be a winner; but this year was pretty extraordinary. The quality level was on a par with any European festival. I was thrilled to hear (and personally meet) so many interpreters and innovators. In this, my last festival review, I talk about some spectacular young artists to watch out for:

Today’s Zaman: Music Festival Reveals New Stars

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